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Weigh In Network offers sophisticated Bass Tournament Operations Software meticulously crafted from over two decades of hands-on experience in managing bass tournaments.

Weigh Master software solution has undergone rigorous testing, having been deployed in over 2,000 events within the past four years. Engineered with an emphasis on user-friendliness, it empowers organizers to effortlessly administer tournaments through mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, PCs, and Apple computers. Any device that has a web browser can use this software in real time.

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Our software suite encompasses three tiers of functionality:

1. Weigh Master Lite:

Geared towards streamlined team tournament management, Weigh Master Lite provides essential tools for efficient operations:

Weigh Master Pro:

Tailored for comprehensive team tournament administration, Weigh Master Pro equips organizers with an array of resources to ensure the seamless execution of Team Bass Tournaments:

3. Weight Master Pro Custom:

Designed to accommodate the specific needs of team tournaments, Weight Master Pro Custom offers a comprehensive suite of features for the successful management of Team Bass Tournaments. In addition to the functionalities of Weigh Master Pro, it encompasses:

Our software solutions are the culmination of extensive industry experience and cutting-edge technology, using SQL and special coding to enable tournament organizers to orchestrate events with precision, efficiency, and professionalism.

All data is saved immediately to an SQL database means no chance of data loss. Your data is safe guarded from others, and is stored and maintained with safeguards.

The single best thing about the software it is so easy to use! We assist Weigh Master Pro and Custom users in getting their system set up and running.