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Welcome to WeighIn.net, your online diet and weight management resource.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or even maintain your current weight, WeighIn.net provides the help and support you need.

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With WeighIn.net you get a new, personalised, mealplan after each weigh-in.

You have total control over your plan, you choose the types of food you would like to include and your plan is generated based on those choices.

All of our recipes can either be viewed online, or can be printed out for your convienience, and you can do this for individual days or for the whole week in one go. The full ingredient listing, cooking instructions, calories per serving and number of servings, is clearly shown for each recipe.

Your meal plan fully integrates with your journal. Each and every meal is automatically entered into your journal, making it easy for you to keep track of what you eat.

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Find friends, share diet tips, advice and support.
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Standard Account Summary

Our Standard Account provides everything you need to track your weight loss online.

With weekly weigh-ins, a personalized progress chart, BMI score, your own 'MyPage' and 3 months Journal access, the Standard Account is the perfect partner for your existing diet and it's 100% FREE!.


Enhanced Account Summary

Our Enhanced Account includes everything from the Standard Account plus:-

Mealplans, daily calorie guide, more charts, progress overview, messaging and full access to the Journal and friends network.

All this from as little as £4.99 per month.


Quick Tips...

  • Increase overall health, fitness and weight loss by taking more exercise.
  • Boost motivation by forming friends, dieting together and sharing weight charts.
  • Consume less calories by cutting out snacks, or swap them for something healthier.
  • Drink plenty of water, aim for at least 8 glasses each day.
  • Record your progress by using your online journal and remember to weigh-in every week.
  • Tips for reducing calories

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Personal Profile
Public Profile
Weekly Weigh In
Personalized Charts
Journal / Diary
Friends Network
Calorie Count
Ideal Weight Guide
Nutrition Database


Did you know...?

  • WeighIn.net can be used to manage weight gain as well as weight loss.
  • You need to burn 3500 calories to lose 1lb of fat.
  • Exercise not only helps you lose weight by burning calories, it also builds muscle which improves your base metabolic rate and boosts weight loss.
  • BMI stands for Body Mass Index and provides an indication as to how healthy your weight is for your height.
  • You can view your previous weekly weigh-ins on your personalized charts page by selecting the relevent date on the calendar.
  • The Enhanced account gives you full access to our Friends Network, online journal, messaging, a daily calorie guide and more.
  • WeighIn.net provides access to NutriGate, a searchable, online, nutritional database gateway, with nutrition information for over 7000 food items.
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